Okay, okay, I know I haven’t written anything on my own site for nearly 4 years! Yes, I know that’s bad but I’ve just been so busy, sorry.

This is just going to be a short one to act as a landing page to let you know what I’m up to now.

In the last 4 years, I have switched from Accounting 90% of my time and Editing 10%, to more or less 50/50 of each.

I am working more and more in the editing and proofreading field and really enjoying it. I have been the Managing Editor for Tweak Your Biz since 2012 and Content Editor for Egg Marketing since 2015. I am also the proofreader and editor for Legal Morning since early 2016. All this work means reading approximately 25 business blog posts every week and I am learning more and more as I go. Not just about proofreading but also from everything I read. It’s all fascinating.


I have also proofread a series of fiction books for a friend of mine, Matt Johnson, and I plan to do more of this type of work in the future. I’m an avid reader and mistakes seems to jump out at me so if I can help the writer avoid these all the better. I’m known as Hawkeye to a few – and being a huge fan of Alan Alda and M*A*S*H then I’m happy with that.

I have some main accounts clients local to me and not really taking on any more. If you need a great accountant that covers from Dublin down to Dungarvan I can highly recommend Tom Holmes at Ballymount Accounting.

I also get asked about Social Media help and whilst I’m only just learning about Facebook advertising I would definitely recommend Amanda Webb of Spiderworking.com for all your Social Media advertising needs.

In the meantime, I am happy to take on more editing and proofreading. If you would like me to proofread or edit for you please do get in touch. You can see references for my work on LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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I need a rant so where better than my own blog to air my views, which I’m afraid I have neglected a lot recently, but you’ll find me at The Ahain Group and Tweak Your Biz if you are looking. Recently I have become very frustrated by online transactions and the exchange difference between Sterling and Euros, Ireland and the UK, and a few other things like PayPal, bank transfers, Avon, Hertz and Aer Lingus.  continue reading…


Eight years ago today I moved to Ireland – 30th December 2004. I lived in Swords until July 2008 when I moved to the countryside which I so love now. Living in the middle of fields, no noisy neighbours next door, peace and most importantly freedom for my dogs and cats. My little piece of heaven. It’s a huge change from my previous London life but I’ve finally found my happiness.

In those 8 years I was successfully selling for a UK company – 020 London – to start with, then invested in a company which I now realise was a big mistake but went on to set up on my own just over two years ago. However it’s in the last year that everything has fallen in to place and the most amazing things have happened to me in my professional life. continue reading…


A bit about Clare Balding

Clare BaldingAlthough Clare Balding has been the face of BBC’s racing coverage since 1998 I would only catch it now and then and never really followed the racing avidly (ducks head as I’m living in Ireland’s racing country now). However I did catch Clare on other TV programmes and I always found her interesting to listen to.

Recently of course Clare was the shining star of all the commentators for the Olympics and Paralympics which is when I watched her the most. Clare’s infectious enthusiasm for all things sport really had me hooked to nearly all the events she commentated on. If Clare was there you knew you’d get all the information you needed in an easy to explain fashion plus some fun to go along with it. continue reading…


I am very lucky that I live close to the beautiful Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, County Waterford and interviewed the General Manager, Adriaan Bartels previously about his use of Social Media. Hearing that they have an Eco-Friendly policy gave me an ideal excuse to head down and chat to Adriaan again.  continue reading…


I have followed Paul O’Mahony on Twitter for a while now – better known as @Omaniblog. I’ve seen him connecting people from all different walks of life, networking and drinking lots of coffee with people, creating audioboos and chatting about his daughter #Omanidot and their stories; and there’s even a dog #Omanidog. I’ve found it all fascinating, just watching from afar. continue reading…


I originally did this summaton post for TweakYourBiz. Twitter has nearly half a billion registered users and there are 175 million tweets every day. It’s big! Twitter is my favourite Social Media platform and I get the best results from it – personally and for business. Below are 14 posts giving good reasons to be on Twitter, how to maintain and not lose followers, how to tweet well and lots of other handy tips. continue reading…


I had the pleasure of chatting to the ladies behind the Blog Awards Ireland 2012 recently – Lorna Sixsmith of Garrendenny Lane Interiors and WriteOnTrack, Amanda Webb of Spiderworking and Beatrice Whelan of Sage Ireland. The gala event takes place in Kildare on 13th October 2012 and tickets are available at a very reasonable cost. Knowing these already successful women, their work ethics and their involvement with TweakYourBiz.com I was sure they’d have a great event lined up so I wanted to know more. continue reading…


I have just read A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen and wow, I am blown away by it. It is a heart-warming story that became the No.1 in The Times and Sunday Times Bestseller List in April 2012. I normally do reviews of books I’ve read on my Pinterest board however this book has left such an impression with me I thought I’d write a blog post about it instead. continue reading…



Last year I took a week off work and stayed at home as I really love where I live. But it rained nearly every day….in August! This year I thought I would definitely go abroad because I really needed some sun. I tried to plan it with my sister in law, Jane, who lives back in Wales, but logistics and timing were a bit of a nightmare. So as a compromise and thinking we’d forgo the sun, Jane came to me for a long weekend and we had just over 24 hours in The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore. And this is how it went. continue reading…