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Okay, okay, I know I haven’t written anything on my own site for nearly 4 years! Yes, I know that’s bad but I’ve just been so busy, sorry. This is just going to be a short one to act as a landing page to let you know what I’m up to now. In the last 4 […]

Eight years ago today I moved to Ireland – 30th December 2004. I lived in Swords until July 2008 when I moved to the countryside which I so love now. Living in the middle of fields, no noisy neighbours next door, peace and most importantly freedom for my dogs and cats. My little piece of […]

How do you know what you are good at doing unless you’ve tried it? Taking that big step out there into the big bad world and giving it a go. It’s a hard step to make and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone unless you have some sort of financial freedom or, like me at […]

Derbhile Dromey is a freelance writer, originally from Clonmel, Co Tipperary and now living in Waterford. Despite running her busy business, WriteWords Editorial, helping people and companies with all their writing needs, Derbhile found time to write her debut novel, The Pink Cage.

A year ago this week I set up Sian’s and here is the first blog I wrote at the time – Sian’s.  I didn’t really know how it would take off, I just knew I had to give it a try and do some kind of work.  So I put together a list of what […]

You know that saying – “you learn something new every day” – well I guess as you get older there is maybe slightly less to learn within the life you are leading. But then add a new gadget into your life and there is definitely something new to learn, as I found out recently when […]

What may be thought of as a strange experiment was conducted recently in the bowels of RTE radio-land by @patomahony1. Six people were given laptops and connected up to their Twitter accounts and they took part in Twitterontrial; actually one of them was a Twitter newbie so he was there to take some convincing.

Debt collection! Not a nice job but a necessity to keep your business going. Here is some advice for those of you that have to collect debts for your business.

This is what happened in the first week of me setting up my new business – Sian’s.

More and more people work from home nowadays. It saves on travel into the office and in some cases where it’s expensive to run an office companies have found it easier to out-source to Virtual Assistants or set their employees up working from home.