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I originally did this summaton post for TweakYourBiz. Twitter has nearly half a billion registered users and there are 175 million tweets every day. It’s big! Twitter is my favourite Social Media platform and I get the best results from it – personally and for business. Below are 14 posts giving good reasons to be […]

Bad spelling bugs me.  I realise that on Social Media updates are typed fast so typos will happen or words are shortened to fit into 140 characters.  Text speak is taking over the wonderful English language and it’s very sad to see.  I’m often typing faster than my brain is engaging so I know how […]

If, like me, you are not one for going to Networking meetings then Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect to network online. It’s like constant networking every time you tweet or post a status update. They have certainly worked for me although it does take commitment and patience to build your network. It […]

What may be thought of as a strange experiment was conducted recently in the bowels of RTE radio-land by @patomahony1. Six people were given laptops and connected up to their Twitter accounts and they took part in Twitterontrial; actually one of them was a Twitter newbie so he was there to take some convincing.

How do I get my Tweets Retweeted?

What’s a Follow Friday on Twitter, or a dot before the name? Hoping this can help explain it simply.

With Twitter posts normally being limited to 140 characters it’s handy to shorten some sayings to be able to fit it all in. It’s similar to text speak and for those of a certain age (like me) it may seem like a different language at first

Some very simple tips on how to use Twitter. Everyone is different on Twitter so this is just a basic guide – you will learn as you go along. The most important thing is to be yourself, have conversations, be patient and STICK WITH IT

Here are some very simple tips for those starting to use Twitter or maybe those giving it another go as a New Years Resolution. This is the first of a short series of blog posts on how to use Twitter. Starting with how to build up a relevant following.

As most Twitter users know there is a new design for the Web based Twitter available. For those using Twitter before it’s probably simple enough to understand however for people coming to Twitter for the first time it can be a bit daunting. Hopefully this post will help explain the new layout and how to use it simply.