I am very lucky that I live close to the beautiful Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, County Waterford and interviewed the General Manager, Adriaan Bartels previously about his use of Social Media. Hearing that they have an Eco-Friendly policy gave me an ideal excuse to head down and chat to Adriaan again. 

Eco-Friendly Policy

Topics we covered:-

  • Electric Car
  • Induction cooker
  • Organic and local gardening
  • Saving energy bill
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Waste compactor
  • Buying local
  • Golf balls (wait until you hear about that one)
  • And more……

Normally I do written interviews however I thought I’d try out Audioboo for a change and recorded our chat. Apologies for my inexperience with it – I will learn in time 🙂

Interview with Adriaan Bartels about the Eco-Friendly Policy at The Cliff House Hotel

I hope you enjoyed this interview and please let me know what eco-friendly activities you employ.