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Sian Phillips

Welcome to my new personal blog. I intend to be giving some basic social media and SEO tips as I did before on the Blog. Plus some personal stuff about life in the country and maybe my past life in London and around and about as I have travelled.  I hope you enjoy it and check back every now and then.

Firstly I’d like to thank Ali Clarke at for her amazing patience in helping me set up the site and everything else she’s endured with me since I’ve known her.

Most of you will know me from being the Financial Director of I’ve also been involved with 020 London and previously as a Financial Director in London for a multi-million turnover company. Maybe you even know me from the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce or Brecon High School, way back when.

I’ve recently taken a back seat from after working hard to get it all moving in the right direction and I know it’s going to be very successful. I hope so as I still own a third 🙂

After being a workaholic for the last few years I took some time out but now have a new lease of life and looking forward to doing some new stuff.

Everyone that knows me, whether in real life or in the cyber world of social media, will know my huge love of dogs so I’m finally able to realise my dream and offer a holiday home to dogs for when their owners want to go away. As long as you don’t mind your dog being very spoilt with attention, daily beach or field walks, fun with my three dopey dogs and even a cat to chase, then this is the place for them.  I’m happy to travel (within reason) to collect your dog too. Please contact me if you want your dog to have a lovely holiday.

As I’ll be home all day to look after the animals I’m therefore still able to work from home. I’ve successfully worked from home in the last 7 years; doing sales for 020 London, then, plus all the accounts and admin too. With a laptop and telephone I believe lots can be done in this technological day and age.

I’m available for “odd jobs” to help people out if I can or even something more permanent. Work is something I actually enjoy and being a workaholic I guess I can never give it up.

My mother turned 80 on the weekend and she is doing so well. I’m very proud to be able to call her my Mum. Not long after I was born (many years ago) my father bought my Mum a Card Shop and they called it “Sian’s”. Mum had that shop for over 20 years and it was a traditional shop that people loved.  So my new business is in honour of that and I’m going to call it “Sian’s” – simple I know, but sweet 🙂

The type of services I offer are as follows (NB they can all be done by me from home so can be for UK or Irish businesses or wherever really):-

• Proof-reading. I have an annoying attention to detail, especially grammar and spelling. I love writing and reading. In 2003 I did an honours degree in Journalism although I haven’t used it apart from in business life for blogs, press releases and other writing. I can proof read any type of copy you want.

• Accounting. I am a qualified ACCA accountant and happy to do online accounts if I can help anyone out. The whole accounting function for a business can be done remotely and online very simply. I can show you how.

• Writing. I love to write and as mentioned above I have the Journalism degree so I’m qualified too. If you need help with your Blog, Press Release, Newsletter or just copy for websites or anything else I can help.

• Social Media. In the last couple of years I seem to have become a “sort of” expert in Social Media, mainly on Twitter but also with Facebook, LinkedIn and writing blogs.  I would like to help guide people in the appropriate way to use this online media for best business results.

• Sales. I don’t profess to be an expert in Sales however I have lived off sales commissions only in the last 7 years. I admit I am not good at cold calls but will give warm to hot leads a try.

• Google Adwords. Although not qualified I am training for the exams and can help with your Google Adwords campaign at a reduced cost to help with my qualification. I have a years worth of experience in this already.

• SEO. I am certainly not an SEO expert (I’m learning) but I know some basics that some companies don’t even realise to ask their web designers to do with their website so I can point you in the right direction as a basis to work from.

I would work as self employed so no need to worry about PAYE.

“Sian’s” is open for business so give me a call if I can help with any of the above – don’t forget the dog holidays 🙂

Take care


PS. For all my Twitter followers please note my name change to _Sians (sorry about the underscore) or please follow me on Twitter and say hi.