My friend Mel, and I embarked on our weekend in Dublin with slight trepidation at the possibility of a negative reception at The Berkeley Court Hotel, D4. Previously I’d bought a voucher for two nights’ bed, breakfast and dinner for two people staying in their Mohammed Ali suite in an auction on behalf of the Focus Ireland charity.  

When trying to use the voucher for the Michael Buble weekend it caused a fiasco although the dates weren’t mentioned as not allowed. I wrote a blog post about it that went all over Twitter and Facebook then the Mail on Sunday but that’s all in the past now and the Hotel honoured the voucher.

Booking in we thought maybe the check-in clerk had an essay to read about us on his computer but we were probably paranoid. After a little while we were told everything was complimentary and to enjoy the stay.

We immediately thought “mini-bar raid…yeah”.  Although he said it was complimentary I had to remind myself that I had actually paid money for the voucher back in May – it wasn’t cut out of a paper for free. It went to a good charity as the hotel had planned.

The junior suite was very spacious – not the Mohammed Ali suite I’d bought the voucher for, but we were aware of the change already. It was still luxurious and ideal for the two of us – had to get them to separate the king-size into two beds though.

The bathroom was massive with a Jacuzzi bath and TV too. So I made the most of it and used the bath instead of the shower so I could watch yet another Friends episode of course. Not often I get to laugh in the bath. 🙂 But unfortunately no mini bar!! Well there was a mini bar but it was empty – maybe they knew we were coming. 

Mel had a problem with the Wi-Fi. It was only free for 30 minutes then cost €12.50 a day. Nowadays I thought hotels offered free Wi-Fi in the rooms at least.

We ate in the Brasserie before heading to the Michael Buble concert and got included in with the concert package set menu that the hotel was offering although we weren’t actually part of that. We had a glass of Prosecco in front of us as soon as we sat down which was very nice. The only problem we had was the waiter serving us – his attitude was awful to us. We thought he knew I was the “bad blogger” hence the bad service however when we mentioned the wine was supposed to be free he did not agree so we realised he didn’t know the reputation that preceded us. After repeating the fact we’d had problems with the booking hence free wine and then naming my very helpful contact at the hotel, he gave us a bottle of wine saying he’d check later. After that rigmarole the food and wine was slapped on the table. Only by that one waiter though. The rest were rushed but not rude. Thankfully the food was very good.

After the concert the hotel bars were packed so we gave them a skip and headed up to the room. We’d had a complimentary couple of bottles of wine sent to the room on arrival as an apology for the confusion over the voucher booking. So we made the most of those during our stay of course.  And very nice wine it was too 🙂  After a great nights sleep – the mattresses were huge – we had a lovely buffet breakfast which set us up for our day in Dublin.

Saturday evening we had another Brasserie meal via the voucher I’d paid for. This time it was after the concert people would have dined as they’d all headed out to the show. We checked in advance that we wouldn’t have the same set menu and we were guaranteed that wouldn’t happen.  However we were given the same menu when we arrived by the “boss waiter” possibly thinking we didn’t know any different – even though we’d told him we weren’t part of the package. Strangely no Prosecco to start this time.

We had to explain again that we weren’t on the Buble package and a lovely waiter gave us the normal menu “especially for us”. So we chose from it. Then were told by the “boss waiter” that we weren’t allowed to use that menu. Thankfully the nice waiter went out of his way to ensure we had what we wanted to order  – it was only a pate that was different!! The food was amazing and the lovely waiter and his excellent service made up for the previous night. 

There seemed to be a lot of confusion based around us. However it didn’t take much to change the whole experience for us with the attentive waiter on the Saturday night. I grew up in the hotel and restaurant trade as it was our family business with a wine bar, hotel, motel and pub. I’ve also been lucky enough to eat in the top restaurants in London and other cities many a time. I know the behind the scenes service and the front end from all aspects. I know the good and the bad.

So all in all the stay was lovely apart from one waiter – which if we’d only been staying the one night could have cast a different impression on the trip for us.  It shows how important politeness and good service is – in any type of job.

I’ve written this blog as an extension from the earlier one which originally cast a bad light on the hotel which they then tried to make up for. I’ve had to be honest and write as I found it. It was nearly all lovely. Maybe I should add an “undercover reviewer” to my list of services offered on “Sian’s” as thinking about it I do have a huge experience from both sides of the service. 

Anyhow we did have a very nice stay at the Berkeley Court D4 Hotel and would recommend it to others.