It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a blog post. Mainly because I’ve been busy with work plus I am now trying to make sure I have quality time out to relax. And it’s made me realise how important time out is, not only to make my work life better but strangely enough making work more enjoyable. I wasn’t sure what to write about then a friend said to talk about the change this has brought into my life.

Previously I was working 10 or 12 hour days and most weekends. I had to for the business. I do still stand by my “Working Nine to Five” post I wrote a year ago and believe you do need to make yourself available to your customers at any time if needs be. I have done recently, receiving calls late at night. That doesn’t bother me if I’m available which I normally am.  But those calls took minutes, not the hours I had my head down until late, working on the business before. 

I now have my own business to myself “Sian’s” and work is flowing in nicely. Not completely full time yet but I rarely find myself twiddling my thumbs in the day.  I will keep on accepting work too but I’ll make sure it’s not permanently invading my evenings and weekends this time around. You never know I may even employ someone to help one day and can delegate work which is something I should have done before. I stress to people to delegate their accounts out but forgot I should have delegated some of my work.

Having my time out seems to rejuvenate me now – silly me that I didn’t realise this before.  I don’t have a huge social life – I did a few years ago but think I grew out of it when I reached 40 🙂  So my time out is spent walking the dogs, watching films or favourite series on tv and most especially reading. I love books of all different genres and could read all day if it’s a good book. Oh and of course there’s Twitter and Facebook too. I think that is probably my new social life which suits me as I can still be at home with my animals whilst “socialising”.

So my days are now spent doing a few different jobs a day. It’s varied and I love it. I’m mostly back doing accounts again which is great because I was not the best sales person with Irish companies. I also help small businesses with Social Media and as that’s one of my favourite hobbies it’s very handy.  I spend my time out as I wish and it’s lovely just being available for friends and family on weekends and not being tied to the laptop 24/7. I work some Saturdays but not many and I most definitely keep Sundays free to just relax. I’m then buzzing on Monday mornings ready for what the week will bring.

For all those busy in and on your business I highly recommend taking time out when you can. I’ve been in the rat race where there aren’t enough hours in the day – delegate or rethink it all before you burn out.