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I am very lucky that I live close to the beautiful Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, County Waterford and interviewed the General Manager, Adriaan Bartels previously about his use of Social Media. Hearing that they have an Eco-Friendly policy gave me an ideal excuse to head down and chat to Adriaan again. 

I have followed Paul O’Mahony on Twitter for a while now – better known as @Omaniblog. I’ve seen him connecting people from all different walks of life, networking and drinking lots of coffee with people, creating audioboos and chatting about his daughter #Omanidot and their stories; and there’s even a dog #Omanidog. I’ve found it […]

  Last year I took a week off work and stayed at home as I really love where I live. But it rained nearly every day….in August! This year I thought I would definitely go abroad because I really needed some sun. I tried to plan it with my sister in law, Jane, who lives […]