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Bad spelling bugs me.  I realise that on Social Media updates are typed fast so typos will happen or words are shortened to fit into 140 characters.  Text speak is taking over the wonderful English language and it’s very sad to see.  I’m often typing faster than my brain is engaging so I know how […]

How do you know what you are good at doing unless you’ve tried it? Taking that big step out there into the big bad world and giving it a go. It’s a hard step to make and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone unless you have some sort of financial freedom or, like me at […]

A year ago this week I set up Sian’s and here is the first blog I wrote at the time – Sian’s.  I didn’t really know how it would take off, I just knew I had to give it a try and do some kind of work.  So I put together a list of what […]

This is what happened in the first week of me setting up my new business – Sian’s.

More and more people work from home nowadays. It saves on travel into the office and in some cases where it’s expensive to run an office companies have found it easier to out-source to Virtual Assistants or set their employees up working from home.



Welcome to my new personal blog. I intend to be giving some basic social media and SEO tips as I did before on the Blog. Plus some personal stuff about life in the country and maybe my past life in London and around and about as I have travelled. I hope you enjoy it and check back every now and then.