I’m sorry but I no longer dog sit due to not having the time now to give my full attention to the visiting dogs which is key for me. I have left this page up as I think it’s sweet.

It’s called “The Dog House” basically because they let me live here. 🙂

The Views

I moved to a “cul-de-sac” of fields especially for my 3 dogs and 2 cats to enjoy life in the country. And surprised myself in that I love it here too.  It has been called “doggie heaven” and they all certainly enjoy it here.

I love having dogs around so thought as I’m always home then why not have some more and make it a holiday home for dogs.  For when dog owners are going away and hate the thought of kennels or cages. They’d have their own bedroom – literally.

The Bedroom

I’ve used a great dog kennels and not saying anything against them but if I could have put my dogs in a house with someone who is always there, spoils them constantly with attention and takes them for long walks then I would have.

As I have 3 dogs already I’d never have more than one extra dog unless they were coming from the same home – I wouldn’t want to dilute the attention they get from me.

Whiting Bay

The local beach – Whiting Bay –  is only 15 minutes drive from me and as I said I’m surrounded by fields so lots of places to walk and if they are good off the lead then lots of places to run around in. If not it’s easy enough to use the lead.

My car is a Nissan X Trail with no back seats so plenty of room for the dogs to be collected or to drive them to the beach.

All in all it would be home from home and I’d ensure they were well loved so not missing their owners too much.

I am happy to travel to collect your dog (within reason) although you may want to come and see the set up here so you can be reassured of their welfare.

If you would like to avail of the holiday home for your dog please contact me to discuss availability and rates – it won’t be expensive so no panic.

Please have a look at the Gallery for more pictures of the surroundings and my dogs.

Monty wanted to have his say too so please have a read of It’s a Dog’s Life!



“If you are anxious to find someone who will look after your precious pet as you would yourself (and then some!), look no further.  Sian is the ultimate animal-lover – responsible, wise and kind.  A true home-away-from-home for your dog and peace of mind for you.” Miriam Ahern

“I had the opportunity to go and live on a tropical island for 3 months on business, which was an offer I simply could not refuse.  But then I had the dilemma of finding someone that I could trust to look after the “Best Dog in the Universe” aka Goldie! When I discussed this with Sian I had no hesitation in leaving Goldie with Sian – Sian’s place is a veritable doggy heaven.  Living on a farm with 3 other great dogs, being able to go for walks every day in the beautiful fields and regularly going for trips to the beach a short car trip away.  What else could Goldie want?
Love – and this I knew Sian would shower her with! I had peace of mind whilst I was away because I knew that Sian would take care of my Goldie in exactly the same way she would her own dogs- as if they are  royalty!  I cannot thank Sian enough for taking such good care of her while I was away.” Claire Boyles